Kindergarten Program

october 2022


Find something you have never used in our room and try it out…

We have been noticing in our room the children have been engaging in the same experiences with the same people every day. Even though they are engaged in these experiences we wanted to see what would happen if we challenged them to try something else with someone else.

Therefore, today we challenged the children to…

Find something they have never used and try it out”

The group was up for the challenge!

As we watched we were amazed at how involved the children were with these experiences. We saw groups of children working together that typically have not done so in the past. We learned about their skills and abilities, watching children complete puzzles together, build structures with the linking logs, and create beautiful pieces of art at the easel. The room was buzzing with activity and excitement! When it was time to clean-up and get ready to go home, we took a moment to reflect on the experience. When asked what they thought about the challenge they seemed to agree that they enjoyed finding something different to use and would like to try it again tomorrow.

With this in mind we will be adding some new surprises for them to discover over the next couple of weeks, with the new challenge being…

“What’s different in our room”.

Maybe you should try this out too…and try something new today!


Paige Cameron Educator