Preschool Program

september 2022

Tunnel and Tube Explorations

We discussed the idea of using the tunnel to further expand on the interest of the marble run and today the plan was implemented! We propped the tunnel up against the wall vertically then placed the large stage box against it. This immediately caught the attention of the children who rushed over to either go behind the tunnel or climb up on top of the stage box. Then large tubes were added and much to the children's surprise they fit perfectly in the holes of the tunnel. This was an exciting discovery which then led the children to naturally explore what could and couldn’t fit down the tubes; cars, balls, pinecones and pieces of chains were some of the items used. This exploration continued throughout the morning and also expanded into other areas/ locations of the room as they tested out different ways to use the large tubing exploring height, pitch and speed. It was pretty neat and cool to watch the children problem-solve and explore/ expand on their different ideas and theories.

“What else can we add to the tunnel to further expand on these really neat explorations....We wonder…?

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT, Carissa Sanderson RECE