School Age Program

April 2024

Loose Parts Exploration!

The school-age children have been working hard on some loose part creations using the wooden boards that were donated to the program. Children were tasked to make a detailed list of materials and sketch their design ideas out for their creations. Let's check some of these designs out!

E.P has been working on deciding what materials he really needs to build his creation. He first drew how he wanted his creations to look then looked at the loose parts and materials provided. He decided he needed 2 straws to hold the long roof of his building, E.P then decided he wanted to add more foam board pieces to make a second level to his creations.

We had other children decide to make pictures or characters from the loose parts provided. A.P wanted to use some fluff, sparkly disks and 4 glue sticks to create her picture on the board. I.P used some pipe cleaners and straws to create a character!

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Gagandeep Kaur B Phys Honours, BEd, MEd, specializing in environment and sustainability, Delnaz Ranjbar