Kindergarten Program

July 2023

Mealtimes provide an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other. One morning we noticed that most of the group had Oreo cookies in their lunch bags. This inspired a fun question of the day… “How do you eat your Oreo cookies?”

This is what we discovered!

Jacob: Dunks them in milk.

Malcolm: Eats the stuff in the middle then puts the cookie back together to eat when he is at school and a home like to dunk it in milk.

Miko: Takes it apart, eats the middle on each side then eats each cookie separately.

Claire: Eats the middle first then the cookie separately.

Tilian: Eats it all at once.

Conversations like this are fun ways to get to know each other and discover what we have in common and how we are all different. What we learned is that even though we might eat our cookies differently we all love OREOS!


Paige Cameron, Educator