School Age Program

December 2021

Inspired from a large piece of cardboard and a big box our custodian Mr. Horne gave us the children began to explore the endless possibilities these open-ended objects provide.

What could they be?

“a tent”

“a gingerbread house”

“a food truck”

“ice-cream truck”

“a restaurant”

“a jail”

Over the next few days, the children worked together incorporating each other’s ideas, with the box and cardboard piece becoming the main prop for their play. They were taking turns making and purchasing food from the “food truck,” peeking out the window of the tent,

and their most favorite of all…locking each other in “jail.”

They worked together creating a design to decorate the pieces,

collaborating on the finished product.

Mr. Horne’s thoughtful donation has brought our inventive minds together, strengthening the relationships we have built amongst ourselves and the school community.

Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO.C, River Kelly PSW