Infant Program

august 2021

As another way to expand on sensory explorations using art as the media we introduced painting with coloured glue on CD’s which evolved into painting onto our clear drop sheet.

This morning we set up a gluing experience using the materials stated above. N, C and G were the first ones to investigate it. All 3 of them explored dabbing their paint brushes into the trays and then transferring the coloured glue onto their CD’s and also the surrounding area. N and C were observed grabbing the brush end and then dabbing their glue into the centre of their CD’s. G continued dabbing his brush in his tray and then would use quick swiping motions to put it on the drop sheet.

After our morning snack A and B had the opportunity to continue this art experience. A used her brush to swipe the glue in back and forth motions onto her CD. B used his brush and transferred glue onto his CD, his hand and on the drop sheet around his space. Both A and B explored their methods for a few minutes and then evolved their painting primarily on the drop sheet and lost interest in the CD’s. We then removed the CD’s and then added more glue trays for them to investigate just the drop sheet and glue together. We left this experience out on the table for the group to revisit throughout the day!

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Natasha Agostino RECE

Katie Robinson RECE