Image of the Child

Professional development for our educators is a valued aspect within our organization. Each year we focus on a topic or 'educational project' to guide us in discussions, research, and reflections. September is typically the beginning of our school year and the time we begin a new project. This year we are delving into a deeper understanding of the term 'Image of the Child'. This phrase is used by educators influenced by the Reggio approach.

"It refers to what a person, or group of people, believe, understand, and assume about the role of children in education and society. This image includes how people think about children's capabilities, development, motivations, purpose, and agency. Social, cultural, and historical experiences influence a person's image of the child." - Peggy L. Martalock

In September we reflected on the article ' "What is a wheel' The Image of the Child: Traditional, Project Approach, and Reggio Emilia Perspectives' By Peggy L. Martalock. We discussed and reflected on the perspectives in the article during our staff meeting.

As the year progresses we will continue to study this concept and connect it to our time with children. We invite you to visit the article as well!