School Age Program

october 2023

A few older children in the school age program have been hard at work creating a "hang-out" space in the environment. A challenge was presented to the children to plan and design the backroom to convert it into a "hang-out". Since this space is already used as a space to unwind from the school day, it was important for them to make it as comfortable as possible! The children began making ‘floor plans’ of items they could add, and their creative juices were flowing! They also started talking about how they could collect these items and their ideas were wonderful! We talked about making a donation list for friends and family to see as well as a potential lemonade stand/bake sale fundraiser! They began making advertisement signs for the future fundraiser and worked on a ‘write up’ that their family and peers can look at! What a great start!

Cameron Hansen, Educator

Liz Brock, Educator