School Age Program

february 2024

Creating homemade books have evolved in so many ways by the children to become interactive. They have created sensory books, pop up books, musical stories and many more.

A child in the program was excited to create an interactive book about "Her daily routine.” The idea was inspired from a peer who had been creating different styled books throughout the year. With perseverance, she carefully planned out her book and with thought and creativity. After a few hours of dedication her amazing interactive book was complete.

Her educators were impressed with the end product and enjoyed observing her take pride in all her hard work. She shared with us step by step instructions on how to create one...

Step 1: Stack paper, fold in half then staple at the fold

Step 2: Laminate or use book binding tape

Step 3: Write your story line

Step 4: Design your character and props

Step 5: Colour your cutouts then laminate or add clear tape

Step 6: Add velcro on the back or tape so the character and props can be moved around the book

Step 7: The book is complete Enjoy and share with friends!

Why don’t you try making an interactive book? Good luck and Have fun!

Cristy Kuokkanen

School Age Educator