Intergenerational Program

The past & the future collide

This program involves regular joint activities between the children and the seniors. We do a Christmas Choir together, baking, playing games, reading stories, making crafts, community garden, creative dance, celebrate special occasions together, enjoy field trips and most recently have participated in laughing yoga.

Pinewood Court Seniors Home

(With our Grey Street location)

The Toddler/Preschool group visit the residents monthly and together we engage in hands on experiences such as art, music, movement, literacy, and outdoor events as well. The school age program will plan more infrequent visits, but enjoy board games, literacy experiences, special events, and outdoor events.

The activities we engage in with the residents are planned around the interests of the group and what we have observed in our programs. Each experience has a purpose as to why it is planned and shared with the seniors!

Talk to your child's educators for updates and new information!

Roseview Manor seniors home

(With our St. James school location)

Our preschool program will plan monthly visits with the residents of Roseview Manor. We engage in many hands on experiences which include yoga, music and movement, art, story telling, science and sensory activities and more. We travel by city bus to and from the home, which is always an added excitement as we observe our community around us.

Dawson Court Seniors Home - Thank you for the memories!

September 2010 to December 2015

We have enjoyed many years of visiting our friends at Dawson Court and were sad to say good bye when their facility closed. We did have a celebratory visit in June 2015 to honour our long time relationship between Schoolhouse Playcare Centre and Dawson Court. Over the years we have participated in play-dough play, water colour painting, baking, tea parties, pizza making, dancing, puppet shows, games, BBQ's, ice cream parties, Christmas tree trimming, and Easter egg hunts. Thank you for sharing these wonderful experiences with us!