Preschool Program

may 2022

A walk to the shop!

Ready to set out, the children grabbed their buddies and we were set to go on our walk! Finding rivers, bridges, cars and trucks along the way! Stopping at the river we watched the children become mesmerized as they watched the “waterfall!”

We arrived at the grocery store when R exclaimed “YAY! I DID IT! WE MADE IT!”

The children entered the store SO EXCITED! You could tell how special this experience was to them as they looked around them in awe, holding tightly to their buddie’s hands and following Lolo through the shop. Referencing the shopping list, the children directed us through the store in search of our ingredients. Veronica asked an employee “Excuse me, do you have any pineapple in this store?” Learning about different parts of the store (like what the signs are for to help us find what we need) and keeping their eyes out for the ingredients we need. The children went through the store collecting their ingredients, helping Lolo take them off of the shelf and putting it into our wagon. When the time came to pay the children were asked what else do we need now that we have our groceries? K chimed in “to bring them back. Back to daycare!” But what else do we need? “MONEY!"

Through the register G and R helped to take the food out of the wagon and placed them onto the conveyor belt for “The lady” to buy our pizza groceries.

On the way back we were SO excited to stop by the creek to show the children the waterfall!

We are excited to put all of these ingredients together and eat our delicious pizza! Make sure to check in with our documentation to see us make and eat our pizza!

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin