Preschool Program

June 2023

Plants and the outdoors...

The preschool room was so excited to see their plants’ progress over the weekend! Our little sprouts have grown into even bigger sprouts.

“I water it?” asked W

“The plants are growing bigger and bigger,” said R

“My plants are growing at home!” said B

“It’s little!” said E

“Spray, spray,” said L as he watered the plants

Outside, the children continued the planting interest by planting some more sunflower seeds! Using scoops, the children filled each section in the tray with soil and poked little holes in the soil for a space for the seed to go. L carefully filled each tray with soil. After he was done filling the tray, he went back and looked to see if each space was filled. When he found a space that wasn’t filled he added more soil. J D began poking small holes in the soil for the seeds to be.

“I’m putting a seed in the hole,” said J D

“Look at the little seed!” said L

“Seed please,” said L

After putting the seeds in the planter tray, the children used a spray bottle to water the plants.

“It’s sitting in the sun to grow,” said B

“They’re going to grow really big and tall!” said M

In a sensory area outside, the children used dandelions and water to create different things! We saw some soup, tea, baking, and food!

“Mixing the soup!” said H

“Wet!” said L as he reached in the container of water to take out a dandelion

“It’s tomato soup!” said M

The children added some sand into the soup and mixed it with the spoons. To continue this exploration, the preschool children assisted with picking some dandelions to bring into the room. After collecting some, M and B grabbed 2 dandelions and brought them over to a plant that had just been watered. With some of the water dripping from the bottom of the hanging basket, M and B held their dandelions underneath, letting the water fall on the top of the dandelion.

“We’re watering the flowers!” said B

We’re so excited to see how our plants continue to grow throughout the room and hope to see something blossoming soon!

Jen Kesner RECE, Rachelle Minthorn RECE