Preschool Program

march 2024

This morning the preschoolers were very excited to go on our big adventure to the marina to see if the ice was still frozen or if it had melted. Before we went on our walk we talked a bit about the children's predictions. J, W, and H said that they think the ice will still be frozen, L, S, W, B, E and Em said that they think the ice has melted and A said “both”. The children did an amazing job walking to the marina. They understand the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street, watching for the light signals to tell us when it's safe to cross, walking in between the white lines when crossing the road and staying on the sidewalk. As we were walking the children noticed that there was ice on the river we were walking past. We took a minute to stop and look at the frozen river when the children noticed their shadows down below on the ice. The children waved their arms to make their shadows move. As we continued our walk the children noticed the birds flying in the sky. Since we have been talking about birds the children were very excited to see some different birds during our walk. Once we got to the marina the children's first observation was that the big lake was still frozen! “Did you know the Marina is Lake Superior?” A shared with his friends. We spent some time exploring by the lake and then B asked “can we go to the tunnel again?” The children loved this idea so we went over to the pond and walked over the bridge (aka “the tunnel”) once we crossed the bridge the children noticed a tube going through the ground. The children stopped to investigate. The children went on either side of the tube and tried looking through and talking through it. There were some leaves in the way so they tried moving them out of the way. After our time exploring at the marina it was time for our walk back. Before we left I asked the children when they thought the ice would be melted. A said “25 days” and the children agreed. We will have to go back again to see if their theory is correct. As we were walking back the children said they started to get hungry and tired but they still insisted on stopping at the river again on our way back. When we arrived back at the school I let the preschoolers know that this was our longest walk yet and that they should feel so proud of themselves. Together we walked 3 km. We are so proud of our preschoolers!!!

Alesha Spirka RECE, Rachelle Minthorn RECE,

Wasantha Wanodani Bed SNE Post Grad Cert in Ed ECE ECD