School Age Program

november 2023

This month at Corpus Christi, we embarked on a beautiful journey of talking about different foods. M sparked our curiosity with a simple yet intriguing question: How do we make marshmallows? The quest for marshmallow knowledge began. We explored different foods, drew pictures of our favorites, and even learned about the prices of snacks from the flyers which our supervisor Brenda brought in for children. The highlight was definitely when M's mom surprised us with homemade marshmallows—a sweet and delicious treat that made everyone smile. To our surprise she posted the recipe on the bag. M was super happy seeing all her friends enjoying homemade Marshmallows. There was a lot of discussion on making different Menu's for food. E was super excited to share her menu with her friends. Children made their own pretend money to buy food from the restaurant opened by D and L. We had a lot of fun and learned by doing!

Poonam Arora BEd BA MA MPhil , Monika Currie