School Age Program

MAY 2022

This week was kicked off with a presentation from 'O' and 'C' explaining their castle they made the week before. They placed their castle on the table and everyone gathered around. 'O' was the first to start explaining the types of materials they used “we used a penguin cracker box that we cut into pieces and taped together so we can’t see the writing on the outside” 'O' explains. 'C' then explains “I cut out the pieces to make the towers on the corners and I also made the sign that says the castle is mine and 'O'.”

The drawbridge on their castle opens and closes. He cuts a piece to be pulled up and down like a door. 'O' attaches string to the piece and pokes holes in the structure of the castle to put the string through. He first puts balls of tape on the end of the string big enough to stop it from going back through the hole but found it hard to keep the door up on each side at the same time. He begins to explain to the group how he fixed that problem “I put a string on the inside to connect both sides so both sides will go up and down at the same time. I used a popsicle stick to connect them to pull. This way it goes up and down at the same time” he opens and closes the drawbridge door as he’s explaining to show his peers around him. They were so proud of themselves for this creation so it was wonderful to see them show it off to everyone.

Hailee King RECE

Cassandra Sheedy ECE