School Age Program

november 2023

We have a lot of great leaders in our afterschool program who love to take initiative and take charge in our room. They love to lead lines and gather groups. With their interests in mind, we decided to start Junior Educator of the Day. Everyday a new child gets to wear the Junior Educator lanyard and help the other educators in leading the program. We have a calendar set up in the room to indicate to children when their day will be coming up. And we’ve even started including the children in the planning, giving them the opportunity to choose an activity we do on their day. The children have really loved taking on this role and they’re respectful of their peers in that role too. We look forward to continuing this into next month and the rest of the school year, and seeing what else they do with their new role.

Swati Sharma, Educator

Abby Skok, Educator

Keara Fiset, Educator