Kindergarten Program

september 2023

Below is an observation of a group of boys taken in the Before School program. The boys have been engaged in an imaginary world where they have combined two of their favorite things…Minecraft and Pokémon.

The story takes place in Minecraft world where W.B. is a Pokémon trainer traveling to find Pokémon. He then comes across Eve, (who is played by J.D.) a powerful Pokémon, they become friends. Here is their story…

“Together, they continue traveling and fighting mobs in the forest to survive the night.”

“A wild Pikachu is traveling in the forest on a train to get back home in time to evolve on his birthday. But he stopped walking because he ran into zombies on his way back. That is when trainer and Eve grabbed Pikachu and ran back-to-back to their home so the zombies couldn't eat them.”

“Once they are safe at home, they make their beds while W.B. makes Pokémon food. When the friends were hanging out, they heard the zombie mods W. B. said to ignore the zombies and the new friends went to bed.”

The dramatic play continues all morning until they leave to go to school. We will add some props to the environment for the children to continue this dramatic play throughout the week.

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO C

Paige Cameron, Educator