Toddler Program

november 2023

As we are now breaking down our observations, construction and working/building with tools has been the highlight of our program so far. Earlier this month we introduced some different tools and a set of tool boxes to the children and gave them the opportunity to explore further while experiencing different sets of skill building with them. Children were initially curious about using them and now they are completely aware of their uses and materials on which the tools are used. We slowly introduced patterns of building and stacking using large wooden blocks with tools and brought a tunnel and two tires in our environment recently.

This morning we decided to move forward and wanted to slowly introduce real tools to the children. After our morning snack one group went outside, and Smriti decided to slowly introduce and have a conversation about real hammer and nails with the group that stayed in. We brought out hammers, big nails and a foam box to allow the children to use tools on it. K and F said, “the hammer is so heavy and big to lift..! While L, H and H said “it's strong, we need to be gentle and careful..”. It was interesting to observe that children were being careful of using the hammer in their environment. F said, “back up , I am using the hammer now..” whereas H said during her turn, “watch out friends…”! Getting tools into young hands early and often is the best way to develop more manual dexterity and increase their hand-eye coordination with tools!

Smriti Bhoray ECE BEd BA in special education, Don McMahon RECE