School Age Program

June 2022

Bugs and Nature!

The school age children have been exploring all things bugs and nature this month! E, A, C, and R have been searching for bugs outdoors and have found a couple ants, beetles, and caterpillars! “Look at all the caterpillars! I think we should give them some leaves to eat so they can turn into a butterfly” -A. When searching for bugs the children have been brainstorming ideas for houses and care for the bugs. “We should make a terrarium where plants can grow and bugs can live” -P. “I’m pretty sure beetles like to eat berries and fruit” -N.

Some of the children have been bringing their outdoor exploration inside and incorporating their bugs and nature interest into their art. R has been exploring rock painting and using some of the rocks she finds outside along with some rocks in the room and paints them a bunch of different colours! “Look at the colours on my rock!” -R. T also did some rock painting and created a face from one of his favourite shows! “I’m going to use different rocks for each eye because he has two eyes that look different” -T

Along with taking care of bugs the children have found an interest in taking care of plants! The children have discussed how to take care of plants and how different plants have different care. “Some plants need to be in the sun to grow but different plants can grow in the shade” -P. “Can we try to grow some plants here?” -A. The children have done some research on what plants they can grow indoors and which ones we will need to use the outdoor garden beds for!

Jennifer Kesner RECE, Bobbi Abraham RECE