Infant Program

august 2023

Investigating Sound & Movement

This past month, the children have been investigating and exploring how to create different sounds and how moving different items can also create a distinct sound! This interest initially began from the children always wanting to start their mornings with music! Whenever the children entered the classroom upon arrival, they would immediately gravitate towards our hand drum, the maracas, and the boom whackers! As this interest continued, the children began bringing the instruments to different parts of the room to further explore. They have explored this by bringing instruments into the kitchen and integrating them into their play, rolling instruments down the ramp on our climber, as well as bringing the instruments outside to explore in our outdoor environment! The children’s investigation on sound/movement has especially been amplified when the children integrate music into the kitchen center. When the children bring instruments into a new environment such as the kitchen center, the children are further exploring new purposes for each instrument! This is explored by bells being placed into a pot and stirred around, maracas being tapped against pots/pans, clanging pots/pans and pots/lids together, as well as tapping boom whackers all across the kitchen! While exploring these different sounds, the children often have a very curious and wondrous look on their face. What is that sound? How did I make that sound? Can I make that sound different?

Miranda Lange RECE, Emily Merenda RECE