School Age Program

april 2023

The children started off the morning by making bracelets and rings using wire and beads. It was challenging getting the tiny beads on the wire but the children were able to work on their fine motor and concentration skills to create some beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The children have been developing their soccer skills everyday as they practice their hand eye coordination as well as playing as a part of a team. We took our soccer game outside where the children could continue the game in a different environment. Each child had their own celebration after they scored a goal and you could hear them cheering each other on.

As the children have shown a continuous interest in building and constructing with boxes, loose parts and recyclables, we planned to have a building challenge to put their skills to the test. Thank you to the families who donated so many boxes and recyclables for the children to create with. They each made their own unique robots that were carefully created and re-worked to perfection. They learned new ways of problem solving and shared ideas and strategies with each other. The children had lots of fun creating their robots and are always looking for materials they can use to build with.

Alesha Spirka, Educator

Abby Skok, Educator