Infant Program

october 2022

“The More We Get Together” is a very appropriate song for our group of Infants. Not only is this the song that we sing when gathering for meals; but it really speaks to the children’s learning style.

Within the last few weeks, we have observed how the children have become bonded as a group. They almost move as a military unit in the room, where one goes there’s always one or more following suit. When a child becomes interested in an activity or a play material, it becomes alive for EVERYONE! Music and storytelling time are almost magnetic, (and that term is very intentional) as it attracts the children from every corner in the room to that one spot where their educator is sitting.

What is also really fascinating is that the children are beginning to want to help each other out (actions such as pushing and pulling the wagon, and bringing items such as books, sippy cups and footwear to their peers).

The social aspects of learning are one of the key components to implementing the Reggio Approach, and it’s wonderful to see how this translates to our Infant Program! We’re excited to see how this dynamic will evolve over the next several months. Stay tuned!

Don McMahon RECE

Hailee King RECE

Madison Myrefors RECE