Toddler Program


The children have been exploring the positioning and placement of their bodies by using a variety of mediums available in both our indoor and outdoor environments. Today we observed a group of children exploring the block area and working together to stack the blocks vertically. They started by grabbing the long blocks and as they did so they were saying “HEAVY!” LB proceeded to lift his block grunting while repeating “heavy!” RW then lifted another long block above his head and said “heavy” and slowly placed it on top of the structure and then cheered. LM then joined with her block and said “heavy” in a quiet voice while adding her block to the stack. The word "heavy" has also come up outside exploring transporting sand in buckets and containers.

As the children continue to develop different theories surrounding the concept of heavy we will be setting up more provocations to further support them throughout the process.

Jessica Chikoski, RECE

Natasha Agostino, RECE