Toddler Program

april 2022

Today the children conversed at our window, exploring and sharing with one another what they saw outside! As the children looked up in the sky they saw;

“Birds birds!” S

“Eagle!” A

“I see clouds” O

“White clouds”

“Blueee” B explained the colour of the sky to be

“Triangle” T

“Circle” A

“Square” O

“She's having a baby” O thought about the birds flying in the sky. We wondered what made her think of that...

T explained how the birds were going to America, “it's going to America to see him mommy” he said looking out the window. To further explore what we saw through the window, we are planning a community walk. What will the children notice? Will they notice the birds in more detail? Will they see different shapes along the way? See our documentation board for their discoveries!

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Sayshell Brown RECE