Toddler Program

october 2022

This morning we added 6 spice jars into our house area. 3 of them contain spices (salt, cinnamon and pepper) and the other 3 have cotton balls inside with different flavour additives (vanilla, orange and coconut). We added them without any prompting or labelling as to what each one was and we sat right in the middle of this space and just documented what we saw and heard the children doing.

Initially the children were observed grabbing the spice jars and looking around with a puzzled look on their faces, looking at the dry seasoning inside, shaking the jars with the cotton balls, and carrying the scented ones around and smelling them periodically.

As their investigations evolved, they started making connections. The children were observed shaking the jars into pots, bowls and frying pans. They would place them into the microwave, close the door and then push their fingers on the buttons. They used words such as “cook” “hot” “shake, shake” “smell” “mmmm” as they explored the jars and the house area materials.

It was very evident as the children looked and smelled the jars that it created a connection inside of them.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE