Toddler Program

august 2021

A provocation on transformation was introduced to the children by providing bowls of flour and water in the sensory table. We were curious on how the children respond to mixing the materials together.

A was using both of her hands to mix while T, R and F were using the scoops and watching the mixture fall. G began to use the small scoop to add dollops of the mixture to the sides of the sensory table. “I’m making pancakes!” he shouted, creating lots of small blobs on the edges. As the mixture came together, it did in fact look a lot like pancake batter! We wonder, is this something many of the children may experience at home? Cooking breakfast with the family? We know that G does this, as he frequently talks about making pancakes and “eggies” at home with mom and dad! Could we make pancakes or do some baking with the group to explore this further? It was such an amazing moment to capture as G related past home experiences to the current experience we were exploring.

Kayla Sharp, RECE

Sayshell Brown, RECE