School Age Program

January 2022


Right before the holidays we had been looking at a book called “My book of science experiments” that got us thinking of what we could do in our program after we came back from the break. PW came to us with the fabulous idea of making slime, GW and JS wanted to make the Oobleck and everyone wanted to make snowflake crystals.

When we started to create the slime the first time, we realized that we messed up the measurements and had to review the recipe and start over. Once we figured out our mistake and put all our minds together, we were able to make some of the best slime ever!

When we made the Oobleck we got to experiment with adding different colours together to create some of the most fun oobleck that anyone has ever seen!

Making our snowflake crystals was an experiment that took the longest to make out of everything else we did. It took a lot of patience, but it was well worth the wait! Seeing the beautiful crystals that formed over night with all the different colours we had used made us really appreciate the whole art of science.

River Kelly PSW, Tamara Marantz RECE