Summer surveys and Fall registration

Surveys for our summer program have been sent out to our families currently enrolled with us. These forms are due back as soon as possible. The summer program will run based on the feedback we receive from these registration forms. Your child must be attending our program already to secure a space for the summer.

Fall registration forms have been handed out to our families currently enrolled with us. Hand in your forms as soon as possible. We are not worried about collecting deposits at this time. They can be emailed to us, (refer to our 'contact' page on our website), faxed to 622-4605, our dropped off at our Grey St. location mailbox.

Our Grey St. location will be closed for the first 2 weeks of July due to our move into the new school Ecole Elsie MacGill Public School. Details have been handed out to families who attend our Grey St. location.

Please note that for the August Civic Holiday we will be closed on August 3rd (not the 10th as noted on some forms)

Spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Deposits are required to secure summer and fall spots. Please refer to registration forms for more details.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to a summer full of fun and seeing you again next fall!