Preschool Program

January 2022

Since the beginning of January, the preschool children have been very fascinated and intrigued by the process of water turning into snow and ice! Since our weather conditions have been so cold, we decided to bring in snow from outside which made the children question, “How does water turn into snow or ice?”.

We asked the children the next day, “How do you think water turns into ice?” Some preschoolers agreed that water melts into ice while others agreed that water turns into ice when snow is mixed in with water! So…we put it to the test!

The preschoolers were then very curious to create their own ice! By following the children’s lead, we created regular ice as well as added different materials and colours to the ice based off of the children’s interests. We added materials such as food colouring, sparkles, salt and gems! By doing this, the preschoolers created many theories on what would happen to the ice when we added materials to it.

“I’m going to make snow by shaking water and ice together in a bottle!” -T

“If we add salt to the water, it will freeze even faster!” -M

“The gems will sink to the bottom of the ice.” -V

“The gems won’t sink or float, they will get stuck in the middle of the ice. We won’t be able to see the white gems though because the ice is white!” -T

Emily Merenda RECE

Natasha Agostino RECE

Cassandra Sheedy Educator

Akansha Kaur Bel.ED.M/M.ed