School Age Program

July 2022

We noticed MT and LT collecting materials in the middle of the gym. “What are you making?” we ask, “A carnival!” he responds. They begin creating different stations for the games by using a variety of materials and toys around the environment including the wooden castle, orange pylons, bristle blocks, and transparent Legos. We wondered what kinds of games they will create!?

Once he finishes his stations he begins explaining, “we’re trying to make Wacky’s” he says to me. What makes Wacky’s so special? Once everything is set up they begin explaining what each game is.

“We have finger soccer. You kick it through the net with your fingers.”

“We have basketball. For this one, you throw the ball into the middle pylon. But sometimes it falls over.”

“This is lie the clown game at Wacky’s. You throw the ball and hit the people down” MT explains.

As children are being dropped off for the day, MT eagerly calls them over to check out what they have made. Someone asks LT “what’s your carnival's name?” he hesitates for a moment before naming it the “Unspeakable Carnival!”

Hailee King RECE

Cassandra Sheedy ECE