Preschool Program

october 2022

As the children continued to explore the tubes in a variety of different ways we decided to set up a provocation at the table. Using a long mirror, car tracks and a long ramp all set up in a variety of different heights the children naturally came over to see. Eye droppers were also placed out along with water for the children to use. Everyone took part, in different intervals, racing and squeezing the water down the different ramps over and over again, however W, J and R had a different idea. After they used the water they proceeded to collect some cars and bring them to the table and take turns racing them down the different ramps. They quickly discovered that the car tracks were the fastest and began to mainly focus on using it. R then had a better idea “to make it jump”! He ran over to the other side and held the end of the track up. This then sent the cars flying off of it!

“Will this lead us into other explorations and discoveries involving the tubes and ramps?”

We also added something else to the room that was pretty exciting! A really, really large box that the children were really, really excited about.

“That's a big huge box!”- E

“WOW look!”- W and J

“Thats so big!”- R

The idea behind the large box was to further expand on our box and tube exploration/creation we made a couple of weeks ago. The excitement of what can be done with it and how it can be used are endless! This also leaves us wondering what the children will lead us into and if it will connect to our current explorations/ interests?

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE