Preschool Program

november 2023

“A, you're on my team here's your team badge” J says as he pretends to stick a “badge” on A's shirt. “You are on my team, J.” says A. “We need to make some real badges,” J says. A and J go to the art shelf to find supplies. They cut up small pieces of paper. “I need a marker,” A says. They drew small designs on the little papers and then came over to ask for some tape. A made a blue badge and stuck it on his sleeve. J made a red badge and called himself “sir jacks-a-lot”. The boys were talking about their badges when H came up to them and asked “can I hear?” A said “if we make you a team badge.” J said “we need to make H a team badge, then it's going to be your turn to be a part of the team Alesha.” J and A headed back to the art table to make some more badges for their friends. After giving me my own team badge, J told me that “We're a group of superheroes.” A asked “Can you put some tape on here for W ?” then gave a badge to W “this is your team badge”-A, “ya, it makes you a part of the team” J adds. J told W “you put it on your body” then said “come on, lets go!”

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Alesha Spirka RECE,

Wasantha Wanodani BEd SNE Post Grad Cert in Ed ECE ECD