Preschool Program

december 2021

Small, Big, and Bigger

Exploring Math and Measurement

Over the month of December the children have begun to explore the concept of size! We will often hear them talk about who or what is bigger and/or smaller. T C and R work together to build a “Tall Tower” the two children alternate putting blocks on the top. When they realised that they could not reach they problem solved on their own how they could reach. R said “My need to get a chair. C needs a chair too!” R and C stood on the chairs and began adding more blocks. When the tower began to wobble C said “Oh no! It’s going to fall!” R said “My can fix it, C!” R then held his hands around the tower and held it still while C added a block. The children then began exploring how tall they were in comparison to the tower. R said “My is bigger than C and my tower!” C said “I’m bigger too R! We can make our tower bigger too!”

V and I work together to build a castle. The girls work together to stack the blocks vertically watching as it gets higher and higher. V works on one side to hold the castle steady and I add blocks to the top until the whole thing comes tumbling down!

R and A work side by side on the carpet. R and A begin to stack castle blocks on top of one another. A says “I made a big tower!” R says “I make a big tower too!” A then adds one more block on his tower “My tower is bigger than R now”

E and G work collaboratively together stacking pegs vertically on top of one another. E says to G “ Count it big” then G began to count “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8”

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin