Infant Program

march 2023

Over the course of March, we have noticed that the children have noticed our (the educators) cleaning routines. We have introduced cloths, spray bottles, soap bottles, and even some dusters already to expand on their interests. One morning we brought out some brand new dust mops and brooms that were just the right height for the children, and they began to push the mops and brooms along the floor left and right and up and down!

We wondered if the children were making the connection between the items and how to use them? They are definitely beginning to demonstrate more imitative play (the play reflects on what they directly see and experience, such as wiping the tables with cloths, ‘watering’ our plants with the watering can, and using the kitchen items). We wonder how else we can expand this learning????

Don McMahon RECE

Hailee King RECE

Madi Osborne Educator