Toddler Program

october 2023

In our room the children have been seeking challenges with how they place and position their bodies. To foster this interest we had brought in a balance beam in our indoor environment. To replicate this we created a balance beam using three 2x4 boards and rubber tires in our outdoor space. The children immediately started to explore crawling on the boards, crawling through the middle upright tire and then slowly coming to a standing position and then slowly walking until they reached the end of the board.

This one section quickly became crowded so we added another section with only two 2x4 beams. As they walked along the boards the boards started to move. The children froze and then proceeded to walk slower. Some children decided to crawl along the boards and others continued to walk along until they reached the end.

We will continue to keep this area set up and also add new challenges as we observe how the children explore this space.

Natasha Agostino, RECE

Jessica Chikoski, RECE