Infant Program

november 2023

Fine Motor & Gross Motor Movements

This past month in the Infant Program, the children have been discovering all of the different ways that their bodies can move! Many of our children are currently learning how to walk/crawl/stand on their own, which is a learning process of its own. Meanwhile, other children are discovering how to run, jump, and dance! We have encouraged the children to explore these gross motor movements by providing materials

such as various climbers, walking tools, tunnels, bikes, etc. Additionally, the children are also discovering how to move their hands/fingers to create fine motor movements! The infants have been investigating this by drawing with crayons, finger painting, pulling tape, etc. All of these materials are accessible for the children to use on a daily basis and they have been so eager to explore what their body is capable of!

Emily Merenda RECE, Miranda Lange RECE, Swati Limbachia B.A, BEd, M.A