School Age Program

september 2023

Welcome back everyone! As the children arrived after school, they started to transform the environment into a "haunted house walk-through!" MB who claims to be a “fashionista” designs the costumes for the actors. AG is a zombie Princess while KB is a Zombie King as they adorn knitting looms for crowns .

PA quietly hides under the structure that was created to look like a bed and rattles the boards above him. The costumes are perfectly designed for each child to portray the part they play.

Soon, the lights are turned off and we invite the junior school age children to come in and do a walk through our "haunted-house".

“This is creepy” can be heard and “Who is under the bed.”

The actors make silly faces and tilt their heads while others let out a scream and jump up in the air.

The haunted walk through is a success as the children leave laughing and wanting more!

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSP