School Age Program

september 2023

This month at Corpus...

J, D, B and K had a fantastic idea to create a Lego city. The idea began when children started playing with Lego's and they were so excited and couldn't wait to start building! First they sat down together and drew a plan on paper. They named their city "Hey's Bay". They wanted their Lego city to be a fun and exciting place for everyone to enjoy. J and K love Mcdonalds so they built Mcdonalds with a drive through and enjoy placing orders of kid's meals with squish-mellow toys. They also decided to include a soccer field because they all had soccer classes this summer. Soon E joined them and said, "How about having a KFC with Mcdonalds? He said,'I love delicious fried chicken." B said, "It's important to have a police station to keep our city safe." Continuing with their interest in building they added Mcdonalds, KFC, a soccer field, Police station and J decided to add trophy corners for the winners of the game. To make sure everyone had enough energy to play, they also built a concession center where players could grab some yummy food.

All of them worked together as a team, using their imagination and creativity to bring their Lego city to life. It was an awesome team work which taught them the value of planning, teamwork and creating their imaginations into reality.

Poonam Arora BEd BA MA MPhil, Monika Currie