Preschool Program

august 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have observed the children becoming more engaged with water play as they search our environment to find different objects that they can use in the water. Through this observation, we decided to reintroduce a big part of our program that we were missing ... THE WATER TABLE! We are finally able to once again enjoy this area of our environment as a group with the new health unit guidelines! We first reintroduced the table filled with Orbeez and a few tools the children could scoop, pinch and dump with. Later in the week, we forze some of the orbeez into ice cubes for the children to break free!

“Orbeez!” -J

“16, 17, 18” -E (counting the Orbeez).

“I’m putting them in here” -L

“I’m making buttons” -M

“Water, Madison look! -E

“Did you hear that splash sound?” -L

“Ball” -H (holding up Orbee).

Madison Myefors RECE

Madeline Compton OCT