School Age Program

april 2022


Recently the children in the school age room have been talking a lot about their families and where they come from! The children extended their ideas on habitats for animals to talking about the ways houses are built and how our families fit inside them. “Mom needs to check on the babies” -R “The mom and dad need to sleep upstairs” - I. The children needed to find more room for all their families to fit and split them up in the house. The children also began putting together their scrapbook pages of their families and picked out their favourite photos of their families and favourite things they like to do. “This is my family in Alberta!” -I. “These are my special shoes for the deep snow” - R Some of the children who haven’t brought in photos yet talked about the photos that remind them of their family. “I want to show you my dog, Igor!” -A.

The children extended their ideas about their pets at home and discussed pets they wish they could have. “What if we lived in a dungeon and we could have dragons as pets? They would be HUGE!” -B. The children were looking for things they could use as large pets and found some dragon costumes. “These can be our pets!” After holding the dragons up so they could fly them around the room C and B found a problem with their dragons. “They’re so floppy and hard to hold” -C “What if we put something inside them to make them fatter?” -B. The children filled the dragon costumes with other costumes and fabrics to fill them up and keep them “soft and fluffy” -C.

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Jennifer Kesner RECE