School Age Program

september 2023

Near the end of September, our group was inspired to create their very own aquariums! Before our activity, I asked children what they would like to do with the empty mason jars. A few of them suggested we make some sort of scene that could represent either nature or underwater life, so, aquariums it was! The group was provided different coloured gravel, assorted shells/rocks, food colouring, and modeling clay! Many children layered the different coloured sand and became curious if the pattern would stay put when water was added. So…they added water and the gravel did not budge! We then had a discussion about weight distribution and space between objects. Because there were so many rocks layered close together, they were heavy enough to not float/move once the water was poured inside. If the children decided to pour a very small amount of gravel into the jars… it would be less heavy and there would be more room for the rocks to move around!

Liz Brock, Educator

Cameron Hansen, Educator

Caitlin Brock, Educator