Kindergarten Program

october 2023

Over the last several weeks the children have been working on finding the perfect slime recipe. It began one afternoon after an epic failure of making slime. When the first attempt turned into a gooey, mucky mess, the children did not quit…instead they began to problem solve as group each contributing their reasons as to why the slime didn’t work. Over the next few days, they began to research and test different slime recipes. They had fun experimenting with various ingredients and comparing results. In the mornings they world test a recipe, and, in the afternoon, it would be shared with the group. Each day the children looked forward to creating a new concoction. This is still an on-going interest in the program, and we are looking forward to many more slimy, messy afternoons!

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO, C

Paige Cameron, Educator