Preschool Program

april 2022

The Shop!

The children were so incredibly excited to come and visit the shop this morning! Even our parents were super excited to come in because they have been hearing all about it. Yesterday the children began talking about “money”. They were using the recipe cards to represent their ideas. At the circle, K began sharing some of her theories about money; “some is big, some is small, some is paper, and some is just money (coins)” As an extension to the children’s discoveries yesterday we added in “money” into our shop. Selena printed and laminated some pictures of different bills, coins, and debit cards to add to the area to help extend and enhance their play. We also added in some more detailed recipes for the two favourite foods that keep coming up in the children’s play Pizza and Pancakes. These items definitely seemed to enhance the play and the conversation. C walks up to the shop and says “Can I have a watermelon, a spicy pepper, and a spicy lettuce” C took these materials and brought them to the house kitchen and feverishly works and comes and presents Lauren with bowls. “I made you some supper!” Lauren asked “What did you use to make me supper?” C replied “The ingredients!” A heard this and began looking at the pancake recipe card. W walked up to the house and A immediately said “Do you want some pancakes and syrup…you need syrup, and flour, and water, fruit, and mango, and blueberries. You mix all the things up, put them in a pan and wait for them to cook!”

In this play there are so many exciting things that we could potentially explore alongside the children like; Where does our food come from? What is money? How do we use it? Where does it come from? How do we make food? What are the ingredients? What happens when we mix ingredients? At this point, we aren't sure where this is going to go but we are so excited to learn and explore alongside the children and co construct in their learning.

Lauren Dewar R.ECE, Selena Gamble