Infant Program

May 2023

As you may already know, Art is a huge component of any Reggio-inspired program. But, you might ask yourself; “Why is there such an emphasis on Art?”

In an Infant program, there are many reasons why we offer different Art materials. It gives the children an opportunity to explore items that they may not necessarily have exposure to at home. It’s also a fantastic way to learn through the senses; how does it look, how does it feel, are there any sounds involved, (and yes, even how it might taste!)

That being said, we are beginning to observe some changes with some of the children’s work. Based on our observations, we are becoming aware that the children are demonstrating their intentionality with their artwork.

You may have noticed with your child’s work that the marks they’re making are increasing. From what may look like isolated or random dots, dashes and strokes; you may have noticed more marks appearing on the surface, or even the beginnings of scribbling! The loops and whirls that you see are not only getting more intricate, but also are starting to fill more space. There may be layering; especially where multiple colours are involved.

The most exciting part of this process is when the children have developed the language skills to directly ‘label’ the drawings that they’re making. This is really significant because it ties together the thought, idea and/or intent to their work; and even if it’s not recognizable to us, it is to them! Part of our philosophy focuses on building our programming around the children’s ideas, and it’s so amazing to see it in action!

We do have some literature on the stages of drawing, as well as some information about how the children develop their hand positioning/fine motor. We can make copies if you’re interested, and will also post them on our documentation board. As always, feel free to connect with us if you have questions!

Don McMahon, RECE

Hailee King, RECE

Madi Osborne, Educator