Infant Program

february 2022

The children have been helping during cleaning routines in the program. We added materials to the environment to support this interest such as spray bottles, cloths, and chld-sized broom and vacuum. We noticed that after having these materials available every day that the children’s abilities to manipulate them and use them with more purpose has gotten stronger. This morning E was able to manipulate the bottle to spray exactly where she wanted it too, spraying the chair then wiping it up. B noticed that there were no cloths at the table and immediately went to the cupboard to get one.

They also have been sweeping our floors with the small and large brooms. They seem to enjoy trying to manipulate the long handle around as they sweep.

This morning's activity was meant to extend on this interest, just using smaller brooms.

We used individual trays adding a square of tape and rice. The purpose is to focus the children to sweep the rice into the square as if it were a dust pan. Once they master this skill we will add dust pans to make it more challenging.

B noticed the rice sticking in the broom then began to use it to scoop up the rice.

K and M explored it with their hands, taking fistfuls of rice and dropping it back into the containers. M noticed some fall out “uh oh” he said as he pointed to the rice on the floor.

E noticed what B was doing and also began using the broom to scoop the rice.

N used the broom pushing the rice back and forth from one side to the other in the tray .

We are going to add beans or some larger item to try, seeing if this will change the way they explore. This activity fosters practical life skills along with focus, fine motor and hand eye coordination. The children have been very interested in real life activities and we are finding more ways to extend on this!

Carly Baratta RECE

Madison Myefors RECE

Nicole Heath RECE