Toddler Program

July 2022

The children have been really involved with the animals, as they explored their different sounds and use them around the room. Naturally the animals have visited all areas even in our sand and water play. This sparked lots of excitement as they transported them back and forth from the sand and water. To further support this exploration, we have also brought them outside with large buckets of water for the children to use in the sand and of course this was a hit. This also sparked the children to pour the water on their bodies as they explored how to get the sand off of them. “Oh no dirty!”- as A pointed to his hands and arms. “Oh.. help”- as LG tried to sweep the sand off of his legs. As we reflect on these explorations, we thought it would great to have a wet-n-wild day! This was a spontaneous idea that we quickly organized with the preschoolers, which was an absolute hit! The children had a blast jumping in the pools running through the sprinkler and then playing in the sand, which of course sparked some problem soling on how to get it off our bodies. “Oh, dirty see Carissa!”- as JD pointed to his legs, “I wash it off see!” -as JD ran to the sprinkler.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT

Carissa Sanderson RECE