School Age Program

february 2023

The children in the school age program have been using their creative skills to create masterpieces using only loose parts and their creative imaginations. Recently we’ve been exploring the magic of loose parts “I don’t know what to make.” “You could make anything you want! Look at all the different materials!” The children in our school age program have such big imaginations and so many great ideas that they want to express so as a Reggio Emilia educator, my goal is to help support the children’s ideas and help make their thinking and learning visible. By supplying the children with loose parts they are able to challenge themselves using new materials as well as make their ideas come to life. From cup city to marshmallow houses, ladders and marble runs, the children look forward to making more creations and building challenges. Some of the materials we’ve been using are popsicle sticks, tooth picks, golf tees, marbles, cups, boxes, bottle caps and more. Since we have such a creative group of children we’re always open to accepting more loose parts or recyclable materials from our families and communities. Here are some of the masterpieces...

Alesha Spirka, Educator

Katja Chasty, Educator