School Age Program

september 2023

The first month back was definitely an unforgettable one as we created our own lemonade stand. This project was filled with creativity, teamwork, and tons of fun!

The children got straight to work on the first couple days back, planning everything out. They set to work with designing colourful and eye-catching posters to promote our sale. Additionally, their creativity was used to design unique bags for their homemade cookies, using tape, stickers, and markers. Each bag was a different work of art, reflecting each of their individualities, to make their products even more special. To conclude the planning stage, the children compiled detailed lists of supplies, materials and ingredients. They carefully constructed recipes and measurements, ensuring their cookies and lemonade would be perfect. Moving forward, in the kitchen, we started to bake. They carefully measured and mixed ingredients to create the best cookie dough from scratch. Their freshly squeezed lemonade was perfectly refreshing. As we finally got out to sell our products after two weeks of hard work, it was proved that their dedication paid off. Our stand was a huge success. The children greeted every customer with huge smiles, proudly showcasing their hard work. As we finished this project, the children learned that creativity, teamwork and determination can earn them success. The lemonade stand will not be forgotten!

Reena MEd BEd BMath BSc and Tatyana Popovik