Nursery School

march 2024

B.F., E.S. and E.B. had a delightful time playing in their imaginary boat. They filled the large blocks that were set up with the babies and puppets. B.F. and E.S. took charge of dressing up the babies, and as E.S. was dressing her baby, she sought reassurance from B.F. “Am I doing a good job?” who happily affirmed her efforts. The children were thrilled as they successfully dressed the babies, exclaiming that the babies now had their PJs on. After dressing the babies, they gently laid them on their beds inside the big boat. E.B. wanted a baby to care for as well and B.F. kindly offered hers, fostering a sense of sharing among them. The children’s imaginative play not only provided them with enjoyment, but it also fostered cooperation and empathy as they cared for their “babies” together.

It was hart warming to see their kindness shine through in their play.

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO C

Paige Cameron, Educator