Preschool Program

May 2021

Let's Grow a Garden!

This whole month has been about planting and exploring what kind of things can grow. It all started with a child bringing in an apple seed from home one morning during snack time. She was so excited to show her treasured seed to her peers and proceeded to tell them that “We can plant it and it will grow into a big apple tree!”. From there a variety of different discussions and theories were sparked through out the month regarding planting, growing, seeds, how to make a garden and what would we like in our garden. During meal time excitement also continued as the children were excited to find different seeds in our fruit and discuss “Will they grow if we planted them?” To support this interest a homework question was sent out to all of our families asking “Do you have seeds or a garden at your home?” The involvement and replies that were brought back was so exciting and we are so thankful for our family’s support! The children took pride in showing the different seeds, plans and pictures of their gardens that they brought in. It was a wonderful way to incorporate family involvement and also supported us with building our own garden of different vegetables, flowers and fruit. We are still in the process of preparing our outside garden to transplant our plants and for the warm weather to continue. Stay tuned for where it will lead us next ????

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Ashlie Johnston RECE