School Age Program

march 2024

During the March break the children were practicing dances and music shows. The child came up to see if there was a way to perform their shows. Other children started to show an interest and started practicing talents to perform. We gave the children the costume box and the child got very excited making costumes and working with each other to come up with a show to perform in the talent show. MM,NG,AG, and LG decide to do a puppet show, they set up a stage out in the hallway. JM,BS and J performed a dance battle LC and EC also performed dances they made up. Unfortunately one child's partner left before they could perform so she was the announcer instead. CC had a clip board and wrote down all the shows and the order they were going, she initially asked if I could help her with the announcements but as the show went on she was more comfortable doing the announcements by herself. The children were excited to share with the group what they created, the children were very respectful and cheered on the children performing. They created a positive environment that encouraged children to share their talents and shows in front of an audience.

Cameron Hansen, Educator

Liz Brock, Educator

Caitlin Brock, Educator