School Age Program

november 2021

This month the children have been very interested in creating small animals and landscapes using paper. This specific landscape creation was sparked when one child in the program found a bucket of pinecones. Shortly after he got the idea to glue down the pinecones to paper, making them look like mini trees. Other children in the program started showing interest in this creation so J.H. offered to share his landscape with anyone who wanted to add to it. The children worked together creating different elements of scenery from grass, caves, and ponds to hidden animal burrows. This really got the children thinking about the different animals they could add to the creations. They added animals such as a moose, a rabbit, a bear, a fox, and many others. This project was worked on for about a week and a half and new things were added daily. Finally, when the landscape was complete, we put them in containers to display and preserve them. Overall, the landscapes were a great creative process that let the children work together using their imaginations.

“The Moose says “mooooooseee”” – J.H

“Look the squirrel can fly!” – C.R

Lynette Spicer Educator

Stephanie Cool RECE