School Age Program

december 2022

This month children have been coming up with so many ideas to get ready for our Christmas. From creating decorations for the room to preparing different activities to do each day, they have been full of creativity. Our favorite idea that stood out to us this month is Christmas singing and dancing! With the weather getting colder outside, we don’t have as much time to do physical activity, but with singing and dancing inside, children are able to keep their bodies moving! The children are able to demonstrate their natural musical, creative, and artistic skills as they learn song lyrics, choreography and musical instruments together. By singing, children understand language and sound. The skills of communication and vocabulary can be improved. In our creative learning environment, successful musical experiences helped children connect emotionally and intellectually. Feelings such as joy, excitement, fear, and pride have been expressed by them. Moreover, dance helps children develop their bodies' ability to move. Through walking, sliding, jumping, twisting, bending, and bobbing, they experimented with motions to create short dances. Movement helps children develop spatial awareness as they learn to coordinate and control their bodies. Children that have difficulty communicating verbally can communicate their emotions swiftly via dance and movement. We have seen that children's moods are improved when they perform together. Regardless of the song or language, by working together through movement, song and dance, we have definitely noticed strengthened connections throughout the room. The children have also developed into more imaginative, self-aware, and collaborative individuals with the aid of song, music, and dance. We cannot wait to see more of their performances in the new year!

Reena Hull BEd BMath BSc, Tatyana Popovik