School Age Program

april 2024

Let's bake mud cake!!! Wow, we have pots and pans!!

In this enchanting moment of outdoor exploration, children were engaged in a multifaceted learning experience as they joyfully participated in mud bakery activities. How interesting is playing with mud to make pretend cakes. They used stuff like dishes and pots to make their creations. By touching and mixing the mud, snow, and dirt, they're getting better at feeling different textures and seeing how things change when they mix them together. They're also pretending to be bakers, coming up with fun ideas for their cakes. They talk and work together, which helps them learn how to be good friends and teammates.

D said, 'Lu, I need some more water to make my whipping cream.'

Plus, using dishes and pots helps them practice moving their hands in different ways, which is great for getting better at small movements.

La said, D, Do you think the cake will fit on the tray? We can try fitting it as per the size of the plate, said D.

Playing like this outside helps them learn about nature and solve problems. As a teacher watching, I think the kids are amazed at how they can turn simple stuff like mud into something fun. I wonder how they'll use what they learn today in other parts of their lives. This moment is really special because it shows how much fun learning can be, especially when it's outside and involves playing. It's like a light bulb moment for them, where they realize how cool nature is and how much they can learn just by having fun. Through playing with mud, they're not only getting smarter but also learning to love nature and be creative.

Poonam Arora BEd BA MA MPhil, Marlene Salmonson RECE