Kindergarten Program

february 2023

In the morning W.B. used the Lego to make a ‘Roblox place’ he started with a base and adding blocks, he quickly saw what he was making looked like a roller coaster and said “let’s make an amusement park!” J.D. quickly joined in the play and started making a restaurant for the amusement park as a piece of Lego inspired him. He said “this looks like a chair I’m going to make a restaurant.” As the amusement park started to form more children joined in the play to help. J.H. said, “I’m going to make teacups, a ride for the park." The children worked together and shared the materials to achieve a common goal of making an amusement park, the children talked and wondered what they need in their park, taking knowledge from their experiences about amusement parks as J.D. said “the park needs a sign” as he has seen all the parks he went to had a sign, W.B. said “this red gem is the power for the park” as W.B. knows that the park needs power to run the rides. Once the park was done the children started engaging in dramatic play pretending their Lego people were workers in the amusement park. R.M. and A.D. joined the play as “bad guys” who stole the red gem, W.B. said “without the red gem the park is closed”. The children continued in the dramatic play of getting the red gem back from R.M. and A.D. until it was time to transition to school.

Jen Tervo, RECE

Paige Cameron, Educator