Infant Program

september 2021

This morning we added a light table in our environment as a provocation to explore and investigate materials using light, reflection, and transparency. These elements give the materials a new look and add dimension as they play.

We added the loose parts (pegs, plastic caps, popsicle sticks, metal lids, and clear lids) that the children have been exploring in our environment and during our planned and spontaneous activities.

Some children started exploring it using their bodies by placing their hands onto the light table and would stare at them, they would rest their torso’s on the edge of the table and lean into it, some experimented with standing on it, while others explored the sound it makes when you bang your hands on it.

Then there were children who collected the loose parts, put them into piles, rolled/moved them all around, took them out and put them back into their transparent bins. Take a look at our photos.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Emily Skinner HBA Bed

Madison Myefors RECE