School Age Program

november 2021

We are so excited to have officially opened our St. Thomas site on October 25, 2021! So far, we have a small and lively group, we have been getting to know each other over the last month.

The children have been enjoying many games of Hang Man each morning trying to stump the educators with silly words. The afternoons have been filled with dramatic play, creating restaurants, taking turns making and serving food to each other. They have explored our art materials and loose parts, which inspired a “Hide the Popsicle Sticks” game with 'P' as the leader, hiding the sticks, then helping the younger children to find them. To end the day, we have been enjoying the playground, where 'D' set up his on Café, serving hot beverages and sweet treats to his peers and educators.

The first month has gone by quickly, as we are starting to look forward to the coming holidays. The excitement is building, and plans are being made.

There are still spaces available, if you need care, and your child attends St. Thomas please contact Jen

Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO C. River Kelly PSW