Kindergarten Program

april 2023

Throughout our program you will see areas where light and transparency are used to create different and inspiring spaces for children to work. Excited by the spring-like weather we decided to add a variety of small flowers with different textures, patterns and colours along with a mirror to our light table. We were curious to see how the children would use these materials…would they group & sort them, count them or perhaps make patterns. What they chose to create was more amazing and imaginative than we could have foreseen!

Here are two examples of how two children used the light table as a canvas for creative expression.

J.M. working quietly by himself for a long period of time, fully absorbed in his work. Sitting close by, J.M. explained to an educator how he was creating his own special garden, as he carefully selected and placed each flower on the light table and mirror. When he was done, he was very proud to show off his beautiful piece of art. J.M. created two very different “Gardens” while working at the light table.

Later H.W. was observed at the light-table working quietly by herself. She didn’t say much about her ideas, and we didn’t want to interrupt her thought process as she was so absorbed in her work. Like J.M. she was very particular about where and how she placed the materials. When she was finished she proudly showed us her work!

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO. C

Paige Cameron, Educator